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Automotive SEO: Search Engine Optimization for the Auto Industry

With the automotive SEO services from Silver Scope Web Design, we can design and create search engine optimized websites for businesses in the automotive industry. We also offer search engine optimization services to improve the search engine rankings of existing websites. Our automotive SEO services include SEO website design, SEO copywriting, social media marketing, local SEO services, and the application of other search engine optimization techniques.

With our automotive SEO services, we can develop websites that act as effective online marketing tools to help businesses in the automotive industry advertise to their ideal target market. Our automotive SEO services help small companies that are interested in advertising to a local market as well as larger nationwide companies.

Our Automotive SEO services are available to:

  • Auto Warranty Companies
  • Automotive Insurance Companies
  • Auto Repair Shops & Auto Body Shops
  • Auto Dealerships
  • Auto Parts & Accessories Stores

To learn more about these automotive SEO services and to find out how our SEO services can help you advertise and market your business to potential customers, please contact our SEO company.

Automotive SEO Case Study: Hughes Auto Body Repair Shop

Automotive SEO - Hughes Auto Body Search Engine Optimization Project

One example of an automotive SEO project on which our search engine optimization experts have worked is the development of the Hughes Auto Body Shop website. This automotive SEO website utilized our local SEO services as well as our SEO website design, SEO content development, and logo design services to create and appealing and effective website.

About Hughes Auto Body Repair Shop

Hughes Auto Body is a St. Louis auto body repair shop with several locations throughout the St. Louis area. While this company had a basic web presence with short reviews and contact information listings on several major websites such as Google Places, Yahoo, and Yelp. They were interested in building and developing this web presence in order to create an effective online marketing strategy. Therefore, this company recognized the importance of automotive SEO and website design services in order to create an effective website for marketing the business.

Our SEO Approach

For this automotive SEO project, our search engine optimization approach included creating a search engine optimized website that uses proper SEO coding and a straightforward layout. The website includes search engine optimized pages for each of the main services that the company offers as well as several other resource pages optimized for other relevant key phrases. This automotive SEO website is optimized to attract customers throughout the local St. Louis area to this growing auto body shop.

Automotive SEO Case Study: National Automotive Services

Automotive SEO Services - Auto Warranty Company SEO Project

Another example of our automotive SEO services is the project that we completed for National Automotive Services. This automotive website design project included the development and search engine optimization of a website for a nationwide auto warranty provider. This automotive SEO project utilized our SEO website design, SEO copywriting, and other search engine optimization services. To learn more about this or any automotive SEO project on which our SEO consultants have worked, please contact us today.

About National Automotive Services

National Automotive Services came to our SEO company as a new representative for a major auto warranty company that offered auto service contracts to customers nationwide. They were looking for a basic search engine optimized website that would attract new customers and encourage service plan sales.

Our SEO Approach

This was an example of a more complicated automotive SEO project for our SEO consultants because, for advertising legal reasons, the company cannot use the most popular search term for this industry to market their products. Because of this, our copywriters and SEO experts had to utilize creative SEO techniques to add this term in without utilizing it directly to describe the company's products. The end result is a website that is optimized to act as an effective online marketing tool for the company in order to encourage sales and company growth.