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Social Media Marketing: Using Social Networking for Advertising & SEO

Social Media Marketing and SEO

At Silver Scope, we offer a variety of social media marketing services for businesses. These services include both setting up and managing social networking pages for you and your company. We can also integrate links to social media sites within your company website that allow visitors to visit your social networking pages or share information and pages from your website with their friends on social networking sites. With our social media marketing services, you can reach new markets, increase awareness of and sales for your business, and improve overall search engine optimization for your company website. Taking advantage of social media marketing is an affordable way to supplement other online marketing efforts and SEO services.

If you would like to find out more about our social media marketing services, you can learn more about the social media marketing services available from our web design and SEO company by contacting us. You can also view our social media marketing pricing information online to learn about package options and to determine which social media marketing efforts will fit in with your online marketing plan in order to help you achieve your marketing and SEO goals.

Social Media Marketing and SEO

Developing social media pages including a Twitter account, Facebook page, LinkedIn page, and blog for your business can impact search engine optimization and supplement your online marketing efforts. Linking your website to social media pages and creating links from social media pages back to your company website will build and develop important links that will help strengthen other search engine optimization efforts. Additionally, social media marketing will allow your business to reach a broader market of customers improving your overall online marketing.

Our complete social media marketing services include the following approaches. Utilizing these social media outlets and services can improve your online marketing efforts and strengthen your website's search engine rankings in a number of ways.

Social Media Marketing & SEO - Facebook Marketing

  • Facebook Marketing: Developing a Facebook business page is another important way to improve your online presence and increase SEO. Facebook pages allow you to interact with customers in a more relaxed and casual platform while also improving search engine optimization of you website by allowing you to develop a number of additional and powerful links to your company website.

Social Media Marketing & SEO - Twitter Marketing

  • Twitter Marketing: While Twitter offers a number of benefits including allowing you to reach new customers and markets, establishing credibility, providing an outlet which promotes open communication with potential customers, and allowing you to comment on and receive industry news and updates, one of the main SEO related benefits of Twitter is that it allows you share short marketing messages and links with followers and potential customers.

Social Media Marketing & SEO - LinkedIn Marketing

  • LinkedIn Marketing: LinkedIn is a powerful social networking site that can allow you to build connections with other professionals in your industry as well as in other markets. Developing company pages as well as personal LinkedIn pages for business owners can allow you to establish credibility among others and interact with potential customers in a professional platform. Additionally, LinkedIn has established a significant standing within search engines, and therefore, creating a LinkedIn page will allow you to create powerful links to your company website that help improve SEO.

Social Media Marketing & SEO - Blog Marketing

  • Blog Marketing: Developing a blog can have a significant impact on the search engine optimization of your company website. When you utilize our SEO copywriting services to add SEO content to your blog, we will develop important links to pages within your website. This can help increase search engine rankings. Additionally, since Google places an emphasis on pages with new and relevant content as part of their search algorithm, adding new content to your website through a blog, can also improve SEO. Finally, adding relevant and interesting articles to your blog provides an excellent link between your company website and other social media marketing efforts as it allows you to post updates and links to new articles from other social networking pages.

Social Media & Website SEO Integration

  • Social Network & Website Integration: One of the easiest ways to begin utilizing social media marketing to advertise your business and improve SEO is to integrate social media links within your website. This means including links that allow visitors to share pages with their Twitter or Facebook friends, to like pages via Facebook, and to +1 pages utilizing Google+ accounts. This allows visitors to share your website easily with their friends as a way of increasing traffic. Additionally, it is believed that search engines will begin utilizing social media likes, shares, and +1's as a way of further determining which websites have more relevance to visitors. Therefore, integrating social networking links and buttons within your website can directly impact SEO.

If you would like to learn more about any of our social media marketing services, to find out about our social media packages options, to learn pricing information for our social media marketing services, or to discuss which social media marketing efforts can improve your website's search engine optimization and strengthen your online marketing plan, please contact our SEO company today.