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Search Engine Placement: Factors the Affect Ranking

There are a number of different factors that can affect a website's search engine ranking. From something as basic as the domain name chosen to more complex elements including META tags or alt tags, there are a number of factors that can come into play when determining a website's search engine placement in popular search engines such as Google, Yahoo, or Bing. Additionally, because search engines are constantly changing their algorithms in order to deliver better search results, the factors that affect search engine placement can also change.

Without giving away too many of our secrets, we have created the following list to provide some of the main factors that we at Silver Scope Web Design feel can have an effect on search engine placement for a website. Because these factors play a large role in determining search engine placement, our SEO experts focus on these factors when providing our SEO services for new or existing websites. To learn more about how our search engine optimization services can improve a website's search engine placement in popular search engines, please contact our SEO company.

Domain Name & Search Engine Placement

Most companies understand that a good domain name should be easy to remember. However, for search engine placement purposes, we have found that the words in the domain name can be extremely important as well. Therefore, when you are developing a website for your business it is important to find a domain that is short enough to remember while also containing important keywords. At our SEO company, we can work with you to select the best domain name for your company.

Website Content & Search Engine Placement

The actual content on a website is important for search engine placement as well. Search engines review not only the amount of content on a website, but also how this content is written as well as the keyword density of this content. In general, Google says that they rank websites higher if they deliver high-quality content, which is content that is both original to that site and informational. Our SEO copywriting services can develop custom search engine optimized content for new and existing websites to help improve search engine placement.

Page Titles, META Tags, and H-Tags & Search Engine Placement

Special titles including page titles, META tags, and H-tags can impact search engine placement. This is because these tags are primarily used by search engines to identify what type of information is on a page as well as the relevant keywords for a page. As part of our SEO services, we pay special attention to creating optimized page titles, META tags, and H-tags for each page.

Number of Pages & Search Engine Placement

Each page that you add to your website increases the amount of information on your site and allows you to dedicate entire pages to your important services or products. This will help increase search engine placement for each service or product you offer. At Silver Scope Web Design, we recommend that our clients add as many pages as possible to their website in order to target one main, important key phrase with each page.

Internal and External Links & Search Engine Placement

The links that exist both from external websites to your site as well as within your website to other website pages can play a large role in search engine placement. Google looks at external links to your website and will either use these to improve the ranking or reduce the ranking of your website. External links to your site should come from trusted websites in order to have the best effect on search engine placement. At Silver Scope, we create quality links from our trusted website to the websites that we design in order to improve search engine placement. Our SEO experts also integrate a number of internal links within each site we develop in order to help search engines spider the websites we develop.

To learn more about the factors that affect search engine placement, please contact our SEO company today.